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Boat Dock Bumpers
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Welcome to GaMra Composites!

GaMra Composites has the advanced technology to give your product a competitive advantage not found with other extrusion companies.

Extrusion can be a tricky process. The right combination of materials, temperature and controls is necessary. If all variables are not thought out properly, the chances of a failed process is great. That is why it is essential to do extensive homework when choosing an extrusion partner.

With a reputation for innovation, commitment, quality and manufacturing excellence, GaMra Composites is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and promises an experience that canít be duplicated.

We work with our clients to provide unique custom plastic extrusion designs and superior solutions to fit each of our customerís individual plastic extrusion needs.

With a passion for manufacturing excellence, everything we manufacture is customized to meet your specifications. We thrive on taking on the toughest design challenges and pride ourselves in resolving them.

GaMra Composites is your partner of choice in thermoplastic profile extrusions. You can be assured we have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and technology to meet your needs.

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