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Gamra Composites quality control provides benefits for our customers
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GaMra Composites recognizes that quality excellence
is an integral component of our business.

To ensure these quality standards are met, GaMra has invested in state-of-the-art laser measurement systems for every production line.

The on-line profile measurement system utilizes sensors to scan the complete outside shape of any continuously moving profile. It takes a profile scan up to 10 times per second, matches it to a design template, then displays on a computer monitor much like an optical comparator screen along with key measurement parameters. In addition, these systems have the ability to display CP, CPK, Histograms and other historical data. This state-of-the-art measurement system provides a continuous quality checking tool to assure that key dimensions remain centered and within control limits.

GaMra's commitment to quality is continually strengthened through the use of a range of tools including optical comparators, laser measuring, and optical micrometer just to name a few. Our highly trained production staff allows us to meet some of the highest quality standards from simple to complex profiles and tubes.

Every product manufactured by GaMra Composites undergoes rigorous quality control procedures and inspections are completed around the clock. We have monitoring and process control systems in place that assure production of the highest caliber. We adhere to performance metrics of dimensional precision, uniformity, consistency, speed and throughput.

We pride ourselves on our unsurpassed quality control standards, and specialize in profiles that require ultra-tight dimensional and tolerance control.

Each piece is carefully checked for end use fit, functionality, tolerances and specifications. Our inspection procedures include process control charts, detailed set-up sheets, lot traceability, and in-process inspections.

Our comprehensive dedication and focus on innovation and consistent quality coupled with investments in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment guarantees your product will meet or exceed your standards and specifications every time.

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