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GaMra Composites is a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier of custom plastic profile extrusions and solutions.

Our advanced capabilities make us the perfect fit for any industry.

We can manufacture custom plastic profile extrusions and tubing for any application. We also specialize in crosshead extrusion to ultra-tight tolerances.

With over a decade of combined experience and unparalleled capabilities in the custom thermoplastic extrusion industry, you can be assured your part will perform the way you need it to, as efficiently and economically as possible.

GaMra technicians produce custom plastic profile extrusions and tubing of unsurpassed quality, precision, accuracy, and consistency. Designing and manufacturing custom plastic extrusions requires unique skills and talent. At GaMra we bring a new approach to the process of producing specialized extruded plastic products that meet the high standards required by today's customers.

We take pride in being involved with some of the most challenging projects.

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