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Gamra Composites in-house tooling provides benefits for our customers
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GaMra Composites has one of the most sophisticated
tool & die shops in the industry.

Our experienced tool and die technicians are trained in the latest manufacturing technologies.

Our staff leverages state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems and are optimized to provide our customers the highest level of precision and quality control.

GaMra technicians can design your profile or work from a print. We can build the profile die and provide samples for your approval. Our staff is available to optimize materials, design dies, and facilitate processing to meet the most exacting standards.

Our state-of-the-art tool shop includes equipment such as a Makino 5 Axis Wire EDM, EDM Hole Popper, Lathe, Band Saw, Drill Press, surface grinders, cut-off saw, Bridgeport, VMC, and Extrude Hone.

Utilizing advanced computer-assisted designs and EDM wiring technology, GaMra can customize your die tooling to your plastic extrusion application.

GaMra has comprehensive in-house tooling capabilities from die development & manufacturing to vacuum sizing. Unlike other extruders, our tool & die shop is viewed as an extension to our business, not as a profit center. The addition of our tool & die shop was to support our customers and reduce lead times. Our techniques used reduce both cost and lead time and significantly improves tolerance control and quality while increasing production efficiency. Our Engineers and Tool & Die Makers collaborate closely in the development and final design.

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