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GaMra's History

GaMra composites (“Greg and Mike’s rebel alliance, GaMra) was founded in 2000 by Greg Mitsch and Mike May.

The company was created on the concept of developing continuous glass strand structural thermoplastic materials for the fenestration market. These continuous glass strands would provide the thermoplastic products with increased tensile and flexural strengths over chopped glass fiber at a reduced cost.

The company was initially located in an existing extrusion facility in Baldwin, Wisconsin and employed only four employees. This facility, equipped with a couple extrusion lines, allowed the company to begin making parts immediately. The small group of GaMra employees proved their determination for success with the very first large orders which was run in an old calf tank using an even older 1 ½” extruder. The GaMra employees worked 24 hours a day for three straight weeks to complete the order on time.

The first five years of GaMra was plagued by a series of up’s and down’s with prospects of new programs that all seemed to drag out longer than expected. The company began development of the high strength thermoplastic parts and in fact had a major program with a large window manufacture and a spring reinforcement for a loading dock seal. In the end, even the simplest profile proved to challenge the manufacturing process and GaMra was forced to put the technology on hold.

In 2003, GaMra made a strategic investment in acquiring a 3 ½” Thermatic extrusion line.

In the fall of 2006, the GaMra plant was moved from Baldwin to our current location 3000 Harvey Street in Hudson. The current facility was slightly smaller and cost less, but allowed plenty of room for future expansion. It also allowed the existing employees to be closer to home and shorten the commute time.

The year 2007 brought about several major changes at GaMra. Mid-way through 2007, Mike decided to leave GaMra. Ironically Mike’s leaving set in motion a series of events that ultimately contributed largely to GaMra’s future success. Mike’s drafting skills were replaced by a toolmaker. Throughout 2007 and into 2008, GaMra began purchasing additional tool room equipment including a lathe, surface grinder, band saw and finally a wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine). The addition of the wire EDM proved to be one of the most significant decisions made in GaMra history. About three months after installing the wire EDM a large window treatment company called looking for a quick turnaround on two dies for a new program. GaMra was able to cut the dies with the wire EDM and acquired the contract because of their ability to turn the dies around quickly. At the end of 2008 GaMra employed 8 employees and had finally turned the tables on the profitability of the company.

In 2008, with the newly acquired contract, the company sales doubled and 3 new employees were hired. In 2009, the company again doubled in sales which allowed the purchase of two new extrusion lines in March and December and the purchase of a laser measurement system to shorten setup times and provide a continuous quality checking tool. In 2010 GaMra saw a 40% growth in sales, acquired yet another new extrusion line and employed 14 Employees.

As of 2015, GaMra owns a total of nine extrusion lines each equipped with a laser measurement system. GaMra currently employs 16 full time employees and several temporary employees. GaMra’s success and growth can be attributed to its ability to react to customers requests and its dedicated staff.

In the spring of 2017, the GaMra plant was moved yet again. GaMra moved across the street from 2909 to 3000 Harvey Street in Hudson, WI 54016. The new world class facility is larger, provides improved access for shipping and receiving docks, additional office space, cost effective, and allows room for future expansion.

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