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Design Development and Assistance

The design of an extrusion profile has a large impact on how readily it can be extruded.

From initial drawing or concept to a finished product, our highly experienced engineers will work with you every step of the way.

Our expert in-house engineering & design team will evaluate your requirements and provide guidance on developing the best product for your application. Our vast knowledge of the various characteristics of different plastic materials and capabilities of the extrusion process ensure success with your product development.

Our expert engineering staff can assist to create the optimum part design to reduce costs and improve functionality. By providing in-house extrusion tooling, we can maintain quality and save you time and money.

We work with you to understand your unique applications and develop the technology and products to meet our customerís unique part requirements. We have vast experience in designing extrusions that interact with other components to compliment the total project. GaMra engineers carefully evaluate every aspect of your part to offer you the most cost effective tooling solutions.

We can review your specific needs and provide a customized design to accomplish your present and future goals.

Whether you need full service, including part and print development, or simply assurance of dimensional integrity of your proven design, GaMra can help. Our engineers are uniquely talented and have yet to be over-challenged.

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