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GaMra Composites Corporate Mission and Vision

It is the mission of GaMra Composites to be the preeminent supplier of extruded plastic components which provide superior value to GaMra customers.

GaMra Composites delivers on this promise in the following ways:

Core Expertise
Extensible Knowledge
Quality Expertise
Core Values


Gamra strives to be recognized as the preeminent supplier and value-added partner to our customers in each of the markets it chooses to serve through the application of its extensible knowledge, agility and experience.

Mission - Long Term Plan
Proactively seek and service those prospects/customers that best fit our vision and core competencies. Become substantive in the marketplace and successively attractive for purchase with key persons participation.

Core Competencies
Gamra is best in class in product quality, dimensional tolerance control and on-time delivery through the synergistic utilization of a broad-based material expertise, extrusion excellence, fabrication proficiency and rapid in-house die fabrication.

Corporate Capabilities
Gamra optimizes outcomes on each project through understanding the design/material/process paradigm in product development and implementation based on innovation and application of our extensive and long-term multi-market exposure.

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