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About GaMra Composites

GaMra Composites is a recognized global leader in precision custom plastic profile extrusions and advanced cross-head extrusions.

Specializing in advanced extrusion process development, application development, design consulting, and specialized OEM extrusions, GaMra is dedicated to advancing the use of thermoplastic extrusions into non-traditional applications.

As a recognized leader in new technology advances, we design and deliver innovative solutions that meet exacting customer requirements while improving productivity, safety, efficiency, and reduce costs.  This approach involves taking a project from concept to launch.

GaMra utilizes state-of-the-art extrusion technology and production equipment, combined with sophisticated in-line laser measuring equipment to continuously monitor product quality.  Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with over a decade of experience in the custom thermoplastic extrusion industry, you can be assured GaMra Composites can meet your custom plastic profile needs.

Our success and solid reputation is attributed to our vast knowledge and expertise, innovation, continuous investment in technology, commitment to continuous improvement, and the multitude of value-added services we offer.

At GaMra we provide more than just parts—we provide a complete solution.

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